Who Rafts with Us?

Historically the Grand Canyon has attracted some of the most amazing characters and we certainly enjoy telling the tales of the more noteworthy as we float along. Our guests are really no different, they’re a diverse group of folks with a wide variety of experiences and interests from all walks of life.

Do I Need to be Part of a Group?

We welcome everyone from solo travelers to couples, siblings, friends, class reunions, and everyone in between. We encourage folks to mingle with their fellow passengers and find that people leave our trips having made lifelong friends with the other guests.

Each trip’s activities are selected to accommodate the desires and capabilities of each individual group. As such, you could run the same stretch of river twice, camp in identical locations, and do the same hikes, but the character of the trip would still be unique because it’s that singular mix of different folks that make each trip distinct.

People with Disabilities

From time to time we get requests from folks with various disabilities. Outdoors Unlimited is able to accommodate varying needs ranging from the care and storage of required medications to handling logistical considerations and required equipment for participants with spinal injuries. We welcome the opportunity to provide trips to anybody who truly desires to raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and will make our best effort to do what is necessary to make a trip possible.

If you, or a member of your group, has a disability and yearns to float the Canyon, please feel free to call us to discuss the possibilities of taking a river trip.