Trip Logistics

Trip logistics for a Grand Canyon river trip can be as straight forward or as complicated as you want to make them. The first step is understanding where your trip starts and ends and whether you are on an Upper, Lower, or Full Canyon trip.

When does the trip start?

You must arrive at your starting point the day prior to your launch, or hike, date. A mandatory orientation meeting will occur that evening. You will launch the next morning and thus begins day one of your trip.

When is the trip over?

The trip concludes the number of days after launch as is specified in your trip length. As such, if you are on a 9 day trip, your trip concludes on the 9th day of being on the water. Your pre-trip travel and orientation day do not count towards your trip length.


As a general rule, if you are flying, the easiest option is to get round-trip airfare to Las Vegas, NV. From there, charter flight or bus transportation is available to get you to your starting point. If you are on a full or lower trip, and driving, your only option is to have your vehicle shuttled via a shuttle company while you are on the water. If you are on an upper trip you can either have your vehicle shuttled while on the water, or, you can opt to park your vehicle at the South Rim and use Trans Canyon Shuttle to shuttle yourself to Marble Canyon.

Pre-Trip Transportation

Outdoors Unlimited does not arrange any pre-trip transportation. Transportation to your starting point is via flight, bus, or personal vehicle but generally depends on your trip type as the different starting points have different options available.

Post-Trip Transportation

For Full and Lower trip passengers, Outdoors Unlimited arranges motorcoach or van transportation from Pearce Ferry to Las Vegas. Upper trip passengers are responsible for their post-trip transportation needs from the South Rim.

Las Vegas to Marble Canyonvia Bar 10via Bar 10
Las Vegas to South Rimvia Bar 10via National Park Express
South Rim to Las Vegasvia Bar 10via National Park Express
South Rim to Marble Canyonvia Trans Canyon Shuttle
Marble Canyon to South Rimvia Wild River Shuttle
via River Runners Shuttle
Marble Canyon to Pearce Ferryvia Wild River Shuttle
via River Runners Shuttle
South Rim to Pearce Ferry via Wild River Shuttle
via River Runners Shuttle
Flagstaff AZ, to South Rimvia Groome Transportation
For schedule and pricing of third-party vendors visit the linked websites directly.


Pre-trip lodging is required for the night prior to your launch, or hike-in. For those Upper passengers hiking out of the Canyon, as well as Lower and Full passengers using the motorcoach to Las Vegas, it is highly recommended to arrange post-trip lodging. Only those who live within driving distance and will be using their personal vehicles for transportation should forego post-trip lodging.

Pre-Trip Lodging

For Full and Upper trip passengers, a block of rooms have been reserved at Marble Canyon Lodge. A booking code will be emailed prior to the trip to receive the discounted OU rate. Lower passengers will need to arrange their own lodging at the South Rim via Grand Canyon Lodges.

Post-Trip Lodging

Upper passengers, who hike out of the Canyon, will need to arrange their own lodging at the South Rim. The bus from Pearce Ferry to Las Vegas, arranged by Outdoors Unlimited, will stop at Harry Reid International Airport followed by hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

Cell Phone Reminder

There is no cell-phone service in the Canyon and you will not be able to make, or confirm reservations mid-trip. Be ready to disconnect from the digital world and immerse yourself in the natural surroundings.

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