Our Policies

Essential Eligibility Criteria

The following are physical and mental eligibility criteria for all participants on any Outdoors Unlimited river trip. Essential Eligibility Criteria


The National Park Service has limited use in the popular Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek section of the Colorado River to one recreational river trip per individual each calendar year. Because of this regulation, Outdoors Unlimited cannot accept a reservation from any individual who has or will participate in any other full or partial canyon commercial or non-commercial river trip within the same calendar year. If you have already completed or have plans to participate in any other Grand Canyon River trip this year and would like to go again, please respect your fellow boaters by waiting until next year to book your next trip. Grand Canyon National Park’s one-trip-per-year rule is strictly enforced. To ensure compliance with the One-Trip Per Year Rule, the National Park Service requires that Outdoors Unlimited report the full legal name and date of birth of every river passenger.

Privacy Policy

Outdoors Unlimited is committed to protecting your personal information. We do not store any credit/debit card numbers or banking information. Your information will never be sold to third party vendors. It is shared only to those companies that provide services to us, or perform functions on our behalf (such as processing credit card payments, or banking transactions) and have agreed to use your information only for the purposes we request.