Our Story


Outdoors Unlimited has been a Grand Canyon river outfitter for over 50 years.

Outdoors Unlimited began on the Stanislaus river in 1969, at a time when river running was just emerging as a recreational pastime. Within a few years, we were operating throughout Northern California as well as in Idaho and Oregon. With the acquisition of a Grand Canyon permit in 1971, OU joined an exclusive cadre of river running outfitters who are authorized by the National Park Service to take the public through the Canyon down the Colorado River.

We started because of the adventure and the love of the places we visited. This is just as true now as it was when rafting was in its infancy. As new techniques and technology have advanced in rafting, OU has worked continuously at being at the forefront of the industry’s evolution. The art of creating a quality river trip and facilitating a memorable experience, we believe, begins and ends with caring about what we do. We, at Outdoors Unlimited, take pride in our efforts and accomplishments in how we run the river and the quality of the experience we provide.