Satisfying That Hearty Appetite!

Healthy, wholesome, meals cooked in classic outdoor style

Thick steaks, salmon filets, whole grain breads, pastas, an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and more are packed away in large iced coolers and sealed boxes. Baked dutch oven desserts and casseroles are also standard menu items. All meals are served help-your-self buffet style and in abundant quantities customary to the outdoor experience. Choice of seating is up to you, but the view is pretty nice anywhere you sit!


The day starts with fresh brewed cowboy coffee, hot tea, orange juice and fresh fruit. Traditional hot breakfast is served to the sound of the conch shell horn. Breakfasts include eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and french toast. Cereals, granola, yogurt and milk are also served every morning.


Lunches range from a choice of freshly made sandwich spreads, deli meats, cheeses, a variety of breads, fruit and all the trimmings. Trail Mix, dried fruits, cookies, and chips are on offer to round out the meal. Granola bars, jerky, and other snacks are available on the water for those in-between meal needs.


The dinner menu features a different entree every night which include generously cut steaks, carnitas, salmon filets, and pasta, to name but a few. Each entree is accompanied by several other complimentary courses such as a salad of the day, rice, veggies, or potatoes as appropriate. And, of course, dessert!

Alternate options

We offer meatless and gluten free alternatives upon request and carry large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. If your dietary requirements are particularly restrictive, you should plan to bring along some of the food supplements that you commonly use.

Just let us know!
Please advise us ahead of time and we will provide for storage on the rafts as needed. It is also possible to ship your supplements to us ahead of time and we will pack them in advance making things easier for both of us (especially if you’re hiking in to join the trip at Pipe Creek).

Who’s Cooking?

Our guides will do all of the cooking leaving you free to enjoy each unique campsite. If you wish to learn to bake using a dutch oven covered with glowing coals, swap recipes or cooking secrets, or just try a joke out on the cook crew, wander over and join us in the kitchen as we prepare meals to match your appetite!

In partnership with a local food bank, we make weekly donations of unused, short-dated, and overstocked products eliminating 2,000 pounds of food from entering our landfills.
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