The Full Grand Canyon

13–15 days rafting the entire length from Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead

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The Full Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon reserves its greatest rewards for those who take the time to experience the full river trip.

The Grand Canyon reserves its greatest rewards for those who take the time to experience the full river trip.

13–15 days
Lee's Ferry
Pearce Ferry
Trip Type
Oar and Paddle

This full trip begins at Lees Ferry and traverses the entire length of the Grand Canyon to Separation Canyon where a jetboat will shuttle us across the flat water of Lake Mead to an awaiting motorcoach for transportation to Las Vegas. The night before the trip begins, we meet you for an orientation meeting at the Marble Canyon Lodge. Overnight accommodations are recommended and can be arranged by OU. It is a quiet place just five miles from Lees Ferry and only a short walk to the canyon rim and the awesome overlook at Navajo Bridges.

The Full Grand Canyon
The Full Grand Canyon

Experience the Grand Canyon’s Greatest

We will start our trip bright and early the next morning, traveling at an easy pace, with time to stop and explore the many unique features of this grand canyon. Redwall Cavern, the Little Colorado, Elves Chasm, Deer Creek Falls and Havasu Creek will be among the places visited (visit the Photo Gallery for a look!). Entering the inner gorge, we encounter some of the oldest exposed bedrock on earth, exquisitely polished schists and granites nearly two billion years old. Further on we see evidence of immense volcanism in the diamond-hard black basalt around us. Here lava flows dammed the Canyon creating a lake that extended into southern Utah, only to be eventually worn away by the restless river. This is also where one of the Canyon’s more famous rapids, mighty Lava Falls, is found.

Some days will be spent mostly on the boats as we run the river’s booming rapids. Other days we will take extended side hikes or perhaps short excursions to ancient Native American ruins, hidden canyons or gushing springs. Each day will be full and varied, your nights spent on sandy beaches beneath a canopy of stars bracketed by towering canyon walls. Eventually the lower gorge closes around us as we take the final plunge through rapids to the head of Lake Mead 240 miles and 100+ rapids from our starting point.

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Trip Information

Trip Logistics:

At the start of your trip:

  • You will need to arrange flight, ground transportation, or personal vehicle to Marble Canyon.
  • Overnight accommodations at Marble Canyon Lodge, which includes van transportation to Lee’s Ferry on the morning of your trip launch can be arranged through Outdoors Unlimited.

At the end of your trip:

  • You will take the motorcoach, arranged by Outdoors Unlimited, from Pearce Ferry to Las Vegas;
  • or, your personal vehicle that was shuttled while on the water.
  • If using the motorcoach, overnight accommodations in Las Vegas are highly recommended.